All-Star Tech Wizards

Do you have IT issues? We did. Did you understand them? We didn't. Do you get really frustrated continuing to pay bill after bill and still having the same problems? We certainly did... Until Quinn Technologies formed. As one of Quinn's first clients with a messy and arcane server room we were at wits end. Russell's mix of deep detailed knowledge and expert interpersonal communication abilities made all the difference. He gave us exactly what we needed; room to grow on a reliable platform and he stood behind his work. We watched him cultivate a team of all-star tech wizards and build an honest business with transparent practices and a friendly culture. Just talk to them, you'll get it.

David McAlister W&M Environmental Group

Tremendous Value To Our Company

Quinn Technology took over our IT management several months ago. We have been very pleased with their responsiveness, customer service, and the quality of work we've received. Russ is extremely knowledgeable, always makes himself available to answer questions or address concerns, and overall is just a pleasure to work with.

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Productivity and Business Continuity

Russell understands that today's cyber threat does not stand still and is not lurking only where we've already discovered it. He educates his clients to resist the onset of 'peace of mind', and to stay proactive and expect to discover more. You can count on Russell and the Quinn Technology Solutions team to deliver on your productivity and business continuity.

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Complete Team Of IT Professionals

The biggest benefit is having a COMPLETE team of IT professionals that can address all of our networking, software, and hardware needs with proficiency. Many IT teams are strong in areas and weak in areas – leaving our side of things with little inconveniences, inefficiencies, etc., built into their IT processes that are difficult to perceive and sometimes very difficult to undo once you discover them. I have yet to find that to be the case with Quinn.

If they are going from an in-house situation to an outsourcing situation, I would say “what the heck are you waiting for?” If they are going from another outside IT provider, I would say I doubt they will get better service or value from anyone else – I would doubt they could point me to someone better than Quinn for a business like mine. I have been doing this too long and seen it done in-house, outsourced, etc., - I know that I am getting what I need in the way of IT support.

Butch Paschal MSF Electric

Unique Partnership

It is very difficult as an IT manager to be an “expert at everything.” Even with a staff of internal IT personnel, the overwhelming ability to manage day to day activities, support internal applications, engage vendors, manage servers, patching, antivirus and other projects. This can prove to be an exhaustive task that leads to failed projects, overworked employees, or a compromised environment due to everyone wearing multiple hats. We tried other managed service providers in the past that come in and try to “change things to the way they do it” and had complications with keeping IT aligned with our business needs.

Quinn-Technology Solutions has provided the perfect hybrid environment that creates a bridge of support when additional resources are required. By allowing QTS to handle patching, antivirus, monitoring and remote access; GeoSouthern Energy’s IT team can focus on internal upgrades, SCADA and communications maintenance, and the day to day operations of the business that were once left untouched or incomplete. It is also a valuable resource to have focused experts available whenever there is an issue that our team does not have a “specific specialization” in; such as Exchange, Active Directory, etc. The ability to place trust in your MSP as a partner instead of the usual “they are trying to outsource” my job, has created a unique partnership. This allows GeoSouthern Energy to maintain internal staff and external specialists, and support for antivirus, backups, disaster recovery, and patching. Along with the daunting tasks that end up dampening the IT department’s ability to handle the business functions of the company.

Christopher Davenport IT Manager
GeoSouthern Energy Corporation

Quality, Competency, and Responsiveness

As our company grew, so did our IT needs. I needed a team that could take over the daily tasks that come along with improving our technology. They allow me to focus on my business, not get caught in the weeds. When we have a crisis, they mobilize, quickly. Knowing that if we have an issue it can be dealt with immediately, is a huge improvement over previous IT firms.

If you want quality, competency, and responsiveness, this is your team.

Conor J. Kauffman VP
Kauffman Company

Tremendous Value To Our Company

Quinn Technology Solutions has added tremendous value to our company. They recently helped us through a major server and software upgrade, which really displayed their efficiency, professionalism, and technical skill. They have assembled an excellent team of IT professionals who are always eager to help with any IT issue we have.

Jordan Devaty Bayou Electrical Services

Things Are Getting Done And Being Done Right

Confidence. Since we have switched to Quinn Technology Solutions, we have experienced a peace of mind and manifold other benefits in terms of efficiency and productivity because we are confident in the core competency of QuinnTech’s service. From the smallest workstation management issue to large-scale concerns like network security, QuinnTech has engendered trust and respect through their demonstrated comprehensive and proactive approach.

We are confident that things are getting done, being done right, and their streamlined yet adaptable approach allows all of our companies at the very least, uninterrupted peace of mind. All of our employees and collaborative vendors likewise benefit from this confidence & level of service.

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